3 Direct Hire Jobs – Financial Planner, Insurance Product Analyst & Sr Accountan

SDI Staffing is looking for an a Financial Planner, Insurance Product Analyst and a Senior Accountant. Contact us today at 888-528-8367! FINANCIAL PLANNER – Client in the North San Diego area is seeking a Financial Advisor/Financial Planner to identify client needs, analyze customer information, define investment goals, build plans and make recommendations for clients to… Read More »

Are You Following Up or Stalking?

There is a fine line between appropriately following up and stalking. There are actions you can take that will prevent the need for you to become a stalker. A job interview is a competition between you and the other candidates who are being interviewed for the exact same position. You must do all you can… Read More »

Happy 2 Year Anniversary to our Banking Division!

Can you believe it’s been two years since SDI Staffing opened the Banking Division? Where has the time gone? With the addition to our staff and the need for top talent, there’s seems to be no room to complain. SDI Staffing has definitely been working hard and would like to thank you for your support and confidence… Read More »