Frequently Asked Questions

  • You are paid on a weekly basis. Payday is every Friday for the prior week worked, ending Sunday.
  • You are responsible for filling out your time card completely and recording your hours correctly. You are paid according to this official record of time worked.
  • At the completion of the assignment, or at the end of the work week, submit your time card. Your time card MUST reach us by midnight on Sunday of the week you work for you to be paid that immediately following Friday.
  • A new time card is required for each week worked and for each new assignment. To be sure your paycheck is not delayed, remember that your time card must be compete, accurate and on time!

An easy way to determine who your employer is would be to look at your paycheck. The company which issues your paycheck is your employer of record. If you are placed on a temporary or temp-to-hire position by SDI Staffing, we will be your employer. We would then be responsible for your payroll, benefits, withholding taxes, and workers’ compensation.

Yes, SDI Staffing offers direct deposit. To enroll, please contact our office with the Direct Deposit. 

Teamwork is important at every place of business. A good attendance record is taken into consideration when you are evaluated for salary increases and future assignments. Whenever possible, schedule absences in advance and try to reschedule appointments and commitments so they do not occur during the temporary assignment.

If an emergency comes up and you will be absent or late, please notify the client directly and then our office at least 1 hour prior to your scheduled time of arrival.