2022 Remote Work Stats & Trends Report

Remote work has been around for some time for certain companies, but 2020 definitely changed the course of what a normal workforce looked like across the board. Employers had to immediately adjust to accommodate what was happening at that time.  And in the last few years, an employee’s perspective on what a workforce can be, and is, has changed.  Where does your company stand? Are you on the same playing field as your competitors?

A recent survey by FlexJobs provides some great insight into the State of the Remote Workforce, Talent Attraction & Retention, Employer Benefits and Cost Savings, Remote Worker Cost Savings, Mental Health & Happiness, and more.

  • 63% of the 4,000 respondents stated they would choose better work-life balance over pay
  • 65% prefer a 100% remote work arrangement and 32% prefer a hybrid workplace
  • 45% of respondents estimate a $5,000 a year savings
  • 77% feel having a remote or hybrid job has or would help them manage their mental health

Click here to read more on the statistics on these important topics.

For additional information, you can go directly to https://www.flexjobs.com/blog/post/remote-work-statistics/.

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