A + Top Quality Agency! Everything about SDI Staffing is 100%. Everything with this AGENCY IS TOP NOTCH AND EXCELLENT ACROSS THE BOARD! Thank you for the opportunity to work with such a great team! 10/10 recommend!

Cathy Z – January 2023

Thank you again for bringing me to this amazing opportunity! I can’t thank you enough for having such an awesome team who was always so helpful and resourceful. 10/10 recommend!

Heather F. – January 2023

I wanted to thank you, Julie, for sharing your insights about the possibility of me doing temp work during the first two months of my job search. Your willingness to think of ways that temp work could/could not work helped me with my research into that option. While it may not seem like you helped much, your taking time to help me was appreciated (as you did for me when I left my prior employer a decade ago).

Maury D.

SDI Staffing is very personable. Very easy to reach out and speak to someone quickly. 10/10 recommend!

Patricia T.

I dealt mostly with Julie and Dallas. The service was superb, it far exceeded other recruiters and staffers I’ve dealt with in the past. Receiving reminders for interviews by email and text the day before was very helpful and thorough! Every time I called the office someone answered and had helpful input or answers to my questions. Julie was always available by text or email if I had questions, and they actually kept me up to date with job positions that would be a good fit for me. I was very pleased with my experience.

Donna H.

SDI Staffing approached me when I was starting my job search, listened very well to what I was looking for, and quickly found an ideal option. Communication was top notch and I always felt like they were right there to assist with any questions I had. 10/10 recommend!

Sean R.

I was looking for a change and found an ad online. From beginning to end, everything was effective. Sharlene went above and beyond! She is amazing to work with and very helpful! 10/10 recommend!

Maria C.

Honestly, SDI Staffing is the best! Julie and all the staff are kind and professional. They understand their client, the candidate, and the job opportunities to successfully introduce to two. 10/10 recommend!

Shawna O.

My first introduction was with Dallas and she left a positive impression that lasted throughout the entire process. Dallas & Julie were friendly and maintained professionalism and they set up expectations up front which helped a lot. 10/10 recommend!

Isaac S.

SDI Staffing was prompt and centric to my occupation. They were able to pinpoint the exact area of the insurance industry. 9/10 recommend!

John S.

SDI Staffing sought me out, so I didn’t choose them. But after discussing open opportunities with Dallas, I was impressed with the the company’s philosophy and happy with the process. 10/10 recommend!

Daniel K.

Sharlene and staff were all great from beginning to end. So far the best agency I’ve worked with. Very professional and nicely organized. 10/10 likely to recommend!

Patricia T.

I honestly did not know what to expect. I was having a hard time looking for an insurance position. SDI Staffing literally found me and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Jocelyne H.

I’ve worked with SDI Staffing since 2004, which is most of my insurance career. They are professional, great listeners and focus on getting placements that specifically match my needs as a job seeker. I can always count on the any additional support when interviewing or looking for new work.

Leticia M.

SDI Staffing is one of the best agencies I have worked with. They are very accurate, professional, friendly and very helpful.

Khristie S.

I have worked with SDI for many years and have always found the staff to be very professional. I will always reach out if ever need.

Joanne J.

This was a great overall experience. I really enjoyed my assignment as well as the agency’s level of professionalism and responsiveness.

Michael N.

With SDI Staffing’s consistent support, I was able to finally get a permanent job.

Rie F.

Your agency still stands in my mind as The Best Agency I’ve ever worked for.

Kelly C.

I would like to thank you for assisting me in obtaining employment with Atlas Insurance. I do see myself becoming very successful with this wonderful company. Thank you!!!

Ivan M.

I wanted to say thank you to Paula. She offered the best service of all the temp companies I’ve worked for. She had great communication skills. She was very understanding, knowledgeable, and kind. I highly recommend her. I would love to work with her again. Furthermore, Rosa has also been an amazing help. Before I even moved to San Diego from Los Angeles, Rosa was telling me about all the great places to live and eat in San Diego. I have been talking with her since January 2017. Thank you, Rosa and Paula!!!

Joshua P.

This was my first time using an agency and I’m so happy that my experience with SDI Staffing was positive in all areas. Ronald did a great job in matching me to my position and followed up and encouraged me along the way. Michelle was always helpful and prompt when I reached out. I was fortunate to receive a permanent offer from USE. Should I ever find myself in need again, I will definitely use SDI Staffing!

Gracie G.

Great experience! I’ve been working with SDI Staffing for many years. Sharlene does a great job finding assignments that fit my skill set. She is always available to chat with and is very prompt with her email responses.

Kevin C.

I have used other recruiters in the past and SDI Staffing by far is exceptional. You are very professional and care about the individuals you are helping to secure a job.

Elsa E.

Thank you so much for the utmost professionalism and placing me with an amazing company!! I will definitely tell anyone I know about SDI Staffing. Your entire staff is amazing!

Claudia M.

Things seem to be going very well.   I am definitely enjoying the role here and am happy with the decision. I think from the welcome and integration piece, since day 1, everyone has been more than happy to assist, answer questions or just have a quick conversation.   It’s really hard to pinpoint any one detail.  Just the overall experience has been amazing.

Greg L.

Excellent experience with SDI Staffing all across the board!

Chris W.

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my thanks to all of you who have made my time here such a great experience through the years!!! Thank you especially for your all the support & guidance last year. Today is a bitter sweet day as it will be my last day temping for the City of San Diego on your behalf. At the same time, I happy to announce that I have been offered a permanent full-time position with the City of San Diego; which I’ve accepted. This would not have been possible without you!!!!

I wish you all success in the future and I am so grateful for the opportunity of having worked with all of you.

Alan S.

I started with SDI Staffing in 1995 and I’ve always had work when I needed it!

Lynne S.

The staff at SDI Staffing has always been very helpful and calls me back promptly. I have enjoyed the flexibility in my schedule and have never been without work!

Diane R.

I’ve always had good service through SDI Staffing. The staff is always very helpful. The assignments I was sent on were with high caliber companies.

Patricia M.

Everyone at SDI Staffing is very professional. I had a great experience working for them and they came through for me in finding me a job!

Ernesto L.

My time with SDI Staffing has been one of the most positive work experiences I have had in my career.

Lee F.

I would like to say that Sharlene and Julie worked with me with the utmost respect and professionalism. Your organization as a whole should be used as an example on how to handle temp workers and provide the best customer service. If I am in need of temp work again, I will not hesitate to contact SDI Staffing.

William G.

This has been one of the best experiences EVER!!!! I was out of work for a year and a half and the call from Paula was a blessing. Not only did she call on a regular basis to provide support, but she checked with the hiring manager to determine whether there was an opening. Two and a half months later I was hired full time. Thanks SDI Staffing for all you’ve done!!!!!

Gwendolyn D.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your help and kindness over the past several months. I so appreciated your professionalism and efficiency – what a great experience I had working for you. (It was my first experience working with/for a staffing agency – thank you for making it so wonderful).

Evelyn W.

I loved working with Paula and Michelle! They are very professional, kind, caring & attentive. It was a very wonderful experience and I am so thankful! Also, all other staff members of SDI Staffing were very, very helpful. Just overall – it was a great experience. Thank you, thank you all!

Tammy S.

Thank you so much for the outmost professionalism and placing me with an amazing company!! I will definitely tell anyone I know about SDI Staffing. Your entire staff is amazing!

Claudia M.

Thank you Paula, I can hardly believe it! And months ago, we were talking about this most likely just being a temporary assignment; I guess you never know! We’ll have to stay in touch from time to time definitely. There were many staffing agencies that reached out to me all throughout 2018, but you were by far the most helpful person who reached out to me, and I really owe everything I have now to you!

Chris Montague

SDI Staffing is very personable, caring, and helpful. They are a good organization for helping the young and older, men and women in insurance.

Mary Kay B.