FREE Job Seeker Webinar: Job Search Mistakes Even Smart People Make

Job Search Mistakes Even Smart People Make. Re-THINK and Get Results! Wednesday, March 28th @ 2:00 pm EST (11:00 am PST) We are going to break it down, so you can see the Job Search Mistakes being made and more importantly how to turn these mistakes around, so you can get results.  Come ready to… Read More »

Talent Acquisition Specialist & Consumer Loan Underwriter #sdistaffing #jobs #employment

The following jobs are at the top of our weekly Hot Job list.  Call us today if you’re qualified and interested, 1-888-528-8367! TALENT ACQUISITION SPECIALIST $ Depends on Experience CLICK HERE to Apply! San Diego, CA Full Time, Direct Hire Job ID 14522 CONSUMER LOAN UNDERWRITER $22.50 – 26.00 Per Hour CLICK HERE to Apply! San… Read More »

FREE Job Seeker Training Webinars: May 19th & 26th

Re-THINK! Interview Strategies that Produce the Best Results Thursday, May 19th @ 11:00 am PST I hear the excitement when people say, “I have an interview!” Everything it takes to get to this important point in the job search, all of the work and effort of finding your target, planning, knowing your unique value, networking,… Read More »

Free February Job-Seeker Webinars

Resumes that Win in the Online Era Tuesday, February 11, 2014 @ 8:00 am PST This webinar will discuss tips and techniques that encompass both traditional and emerging trends in professional resume writing. This webinar is geared toward job seekers who are just entering the market and want to stand out—as well as advanced candidates… Read More »

Big Job Search Lies – Four Myths That Won’t Land You the Job

Four Myths That Won’t Land You The Job By:  Brenda Mitchell,   You’ve been lied to, bamboozled, misled and fooled by the people you are closest to. Your well-meaning parents, friends, and even your spouses have led you down the path to perpetual unemployment. Everyone, right or wrong, wants to give you their opinion… Read More »

Free Job Seeker Webinars – June 2012

Upcoming FREE Job Seeker Training Webinars – June 2012 ——> WHAT TIME COMMITMENT DOES A JOB SEARCH REQUIRE? Monday, June 4, 2012 at 8:00am PST A successful job search requires diligence, focus, tenacity and time.  It is not the person who dedicates the most hours that ends up with a job offer.  It is the person… Read More »

Free Job Seeker Webinars – April 2012

Upcoming FREE Job Seeker Training Webinars – April 2012   ——> DON’T LET JOB LEADS SLIP THROUGH THE CRACKS Tuesday, Apr. 3, 2012 at 11:00am PST Throughout your entire job search, you will be interacting with new people.  Often you will be given leads that could slip through the cracks if your job search efforts… Read More »