2023 California Employment Laws White Paper

With the year quickly coming to a close and California being affected by a number of changes in legislation, it may be a good time to see what laws will apply to your business in 2023. CalChamber is providing a free 2023 California Employment Laws White Paper to nonmembers for download. You can read more… Read More »

5 New CA Labor Laws to Prepare For in 2023

Calchamber recently posted a podcast discussing the 5 New California Labor Laws Employers Should Start Preparing For. SB1162: Pay Transparency & Pay Data Reporting AB152: Extends Covid-19 Paid Sick Leave Sunset AB1949: Right to Bereavement Leave AB1041: Expansion of Family Leave & Paid Sick Leave SB1044: Workplace Emergency With 2022 coming to an end, it… Read More »