I am very impressed with SDI Staffing. All of the employees are professional, responsive and courteous. Sharlene Theakston matched me with a great company. The position is a very good fit. She exceeded my expectations. Thanks SDI!!!

Workers’ Compensation Underwriting Assistant – August 2023

I’ve worked for SDI Staffing for many years and I trust them to find me a great place to work with their expertise. I’ve never had to search. SDI Staffing did all the work for me. Bottom line, SDI Staffing is wonderful! 10/10 recommend!

Commercial Account Manager – July 2023

A + Top Quality Agency! Everything about SDI Staffing is 100%. Everything with this AGENCY IS TOP NOTCH AND EXCELLENT ACROSS THE BOARD! Thank you for the opportunity to work with such a great team! 10/10 recommend!

Cathy Z – January 2023

Thank you again for bringing me to this amazing opportunity! I can’t thank you enough for having such an awesome team who was always so helpful and resourceful. 10/10 recommend!

Heather F. – January 2023

I wanted to thank you, Julie, for sharing your insights about the possibility of me doing temp work during the first two months of my job search. Your willingness to think of ways that temp work could/could not work helped me with my research into that option. While it may not seem like you helped much, your taking time to help me was appreciated (as you did for me when I left my prior employer a decade ago).

Maury D.

SDI Staffing is very personable. Very easy to reach out and speak to someone quickly. 10/10 recommend!

Patricia T.

I dealt mostly with Julie and Dallas. The service was superb, it far exceeded other recruiters and staffers I’ve dealt with in the past. Receiving reminders for interviews by email and text the day before was very helpful and thorough! Every time I called the office someone answered and had helpful input or answers to my questions. Julie was always available by text or email if I had questions, and they actually kept me up to date with job positions that would be a good fit for me. I was very pleased with my experience.

Donna H.

SDI Staffing approached me when I was starting my job search, listened very well to what I was looking for, and quickly found an ideal option. Communication was top notch and I always felt like they were right there to assist with any questions I had. 10/10 recommend!

Sean R.

I was looking for a change and found an ad online. From beginning to end, everything was effective. Sharlene went above and beyond! She is amazing to work with and very helpful! 10/10 recommend!

Maria C.

Honestly, SDI Staffing is the best! Julie and all the staff are kind and professional. They understand their client, the candidate, and the job opportunities to successfully introduce to two. 10/10 recommend!

Shawna O.