How can SDI Staffing help me with my staffing needs?

branch-managerIf you’ve been running on a skeleton crew just to keep the doors open and staffing is one of your largest expenses, then keeping costs down is a BIG priority!  Now that business is picking up and you’ve received approval to bring on an additional staff, what’s the best route for you to take in finding the right person?

Do you want to run your own ad and find someone yourself?  This of course will save you money…right?  WRONG! 
There’s the cost of advertising, internet posting, your internal recruiter’s time to understand the position requirements, reviewing candidate resumes and experience, prescreening candidates to qualify them for your job opening, scheduling and conducting interviews, preparing candidate assessments, completing reference checks and employment verifications, running drug screens and criminal background checks, making the employment offer to the selected hire, and notifying all other applicants that they weren’t selected for the position.  Of course don’t forget the cost of reduced productivity of a manager who’s now busy with reviewing resumes that aren’t qualified, but applied anyway.

So how can SDI Staffing help?  We’re the experts in staffing for the Insurance, Banking, Mortgage and Financial Services Industries!  We listen to your staffing needs and make every effort to find you quality staff members.  Plus, there’s NO COST TO YOU unless you hire one of our candidates!  We continually recruit professionals in YOUR industry which gives us a pool of pre-qualified candidates who are actively looking for work.  We also advertise your job, recruit and screen new candidates for the specific skill sets you require.  We test their computer and industry knowledge, check references, verify previous employment, and conduct criminal background checks for all temporary placements.  Now who would pass that up?  Hopefully not you!  There has to be one option that can work for you!

  • DIRECT HIRE: You have a job opening.  We present you with the most qualified candidates for consideration.  You choose who you want to interview and you make the hiring decision.  Remember, you only pay a fee if you hire one of our candidates.  Plus, we offer a pro-rated guarantee on direct hires.  If you’re not happy with the placement made by SDI Staffing, we’ll endeavor to replace or refund your service fee if the employee terminates or is terminated for any reason within the 90-day guarantee time period.
  • TEMP-TO-HIRE: You’re looking to hire a long-term employee, but want to make sure your next hire is the right fit for your team.  The temp-to-hire option is like “drive it, before you buy it.”  We present you with qualified candidates for consideration, you select a candidate and we make the job offer to start them on their temp-to-hire assignment.  They’ll be on our payroll, not yours, so we’ll absorb the costs of payroll taxes, workers compensation, unemployment insurance and all the rest of the wonderful employer expenses that come along with hiring a new employee.  If for any reason the person isn’t working out, then you simply contact us and we’ll work on a replacement.  After the 520 hours, you have the option to hire the temporary employee with no additional fees, or you can continue to have them work as a temporary staff member.
  • TEMPORARY:  You have a temporary need: vacation coverage, maternity leave, a special project, a leave of absence, or just extra staff needed during a peak period. You contact us and let us know what you need and we fill the position.  It may be for a day, week, month or until further notice.  We’ll continue the temporary assignment until you tell us otherwise.  And if your needs change and the temporary employee has met the 520 hour contract, you can hire them without any additional fees.
  • PAYROLLING:  You’ve already recruited your own candidate to fill your job opening, but don’t want to bring them on board as a regular employee.  Just contact us and we’ll be the employer of record and will run your candidate’s payroll through SDI Staffing at a reduced fee to you.  Payrolling is used by some of our clients for their new hires during their first 90 days on the job.  It’s a payroll convenience for you!  And if for some reason the person isn’t working out, you can call us to release them from their position.  It’s also good to payroll someone if you have a special project and have a specific person to fill the position.

What are the benefits of having SDI Staffing provide you with Temp-to-Hire, Temporary or Payrolling staff members?  Well, we provide the employee with a weekly paycheck.  We take care of their payroll taxes and W-2’s.  The employees are covered under our Workers’ Comp, General Liability and Unemployment Insurance.  We conduct criminal background checks, verify previous employment, test their computer skills and industry knowledge for you.  So don’t wait on contacting us to fill your current job opening!  Phone us at 1-888-528-8367 or submit your job order online today at

*************LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT OFFER*************

  • Temporary & Temp-to-Hire Placement 1 FREE DAY for a 2 week assignment!  This offer is valid for new assignments starting between now and 09/30/2013.  Eligible assignments will be full-time hours, for at least 10 work days (2 weeks). Free day cannot exceed 8 hours (overtime excluded). Offer good on one new temporary or temp-to-hire placement per client.
  • Direct Hire:  $250 OFF our standard hiring fee.  Offer good on all new direct hire placements between now and 09/30/2013.

Contact SDI Staffing at 1-888-528-8367 to place your job order today!

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