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Four Mistakes to Avoid on Your Job Application

September 3rd, 2015

rejectedSeptember is always a busy time of year for job seekers looking to start or build their careers and find their perfect role.  Back in my day filling in a job application meant handwriting…CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE.

Written By:  James Caan, CBE


How Do You Select a Staffing Agency that is Right For Your Company?

December 20th, 2013

Niche Market - Bow and Arrow Aimed at Bulls EyeDID YOU KNOW…

  • 13 million people are employed by staffing agencies each year
  • Staffing Agencies have provided 750,000 new jobs to the U.S. Economy since the recession
  • More than 1/3 of U.S. Companies used a staffing agency in the past year

Use a Staffing Agency that Specializes in Your Industry
When it comes to specialized recruiting, there are significant advantages to working with a staffing agency which specializes in your industry.   Firms that focus on a specific niche or industry have better contacts, stronger relationships and more powerful networks than generalists who must spread their resources over much broader territory.

Niche firms don’t need time to ramp up; they are already imbedded in your marketplace.  You can expect them to be well-versed in the lingo, job requirements and hiring issues for your job opening even before they go to work for you.

Hire from a Very Limited Talent Pool
A niche hiring professional is also indispensable when hiring for a position that requires a unique mix of skills.  Identifying candidates with an unusual mix of skills is especially challenging because resumes rarely offer a comprehensive summarization and categorization of skills and experience.  Recruiters must uncover information that is not always apparent on the surface of a resume.

A niche staffing professional is able to read between the lines and make unexpected connections because of their depth of knowledge about a given market and job functions coupled with detailed knowledge of their candidate network. They are generally more up-to-date regarding candidates’ specialty skills, personnel movement within an industry, and on market drivers that affect personnel in their niche market.  Thus, a niche staffing professional has access and understands your need to hire from a very limited talent pool.

Specialization Saves Time and Money
Time-constrained managers simply don’t have capacity to work with a staffing agency that lacks the depth of knowledge or the contacts needed to fill a highly specific job opening.  Those who choose to work with a niche staffing agency will realize efficiencies throughout the search and hiring process.

Questions to Ask a Staffing Agency

  • What industries does your staffing agency serve?
  • What geographic area does your staffing agency serve?
  • How long has your staffing agency been in existence?
  • Can you provide testimonials from clients and employees?
  • Do you fill management and non-management positions?
  • Do you fill temporary and direct hire openings?
  • What is the expertise of your Recruiters?
  • How long have your Recruiters been working in the staffing industry?
  • Have the Recruiters ever worked in your industry, i.e., insurance, banking, financial services?
  • What is your recruitment process?
  • What type of background and reference checking are done on the candidates?
  • What type of follow-up is done on placed employees (temporary and direct hires)?
  • What is the cost to fill the specific position you have open?
  • What is the replacement guarantee?
  • Do you have a Client Agreement to review and approve?

It makes good business sense to rely on an expert who has the most robust network for your industry and the insights to know what drives successful hiring for your job opening.

When you or others in your company have a position to fill, remember that the industry experts at SDI Staffing offer specialized knowledge and capabilities for the Insurance, Banking and Financial Services industries throughout California that is not easily replicated.

So don’t wait on contacting us to fill your current job opening!  Call us at 1-888-528-8367 or submit your job order online today at http://www.sdistaffing.com/employers/place-a-job-order/.

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Temporary & Temp-to-Hire Placement 1 FREE DAY for a 2 week assignment!  This offer is valid for new assignments starting between now and 01/30/2014.  Eligible assignments will be full-time hours, for at least 10 working days (2 weeks). Free day cannot exceed 8 hours (overtime excluded). Offer good on one new temporary or temp-to-hire placement per client.

Direct Hire:  $250 OFF our standard hiring fee.  Offer good on all new direct hire placements between now and 01/30/2014.

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Time is Money! Do You Know About These Time Saving Tips?

October 18th, 2013

clockeditedThe world today offers so many wonderful technological tools right at our fingertips with the use of computers, smart phones and the world wide web.  Why not take advantage of them?  We’ve comprised a short list of TIME SAVING TIPS to help you manage your already busy lives more easily and more efficiently!

Did you know about these time saving tips???


  • Scroll Down — Don’t pick up the mouse to scroll down!  Tap the Space Bar to scroll down one page.  Shift & Space Bar to go up one page.


  • Sending an email or text — Don’t select the symbol function key to search for a period!  Tap the Space Bar twice to end a sentence.  It will add the period, space and capitalize the next word.
  • Calling back the last phone number you dialed. — Don’t waste your time going to “Recent Calls!”  Tap the Call button twice.


  • Changing a word or paragraph — Don’t drag your cursor across the word or paragraph!  Double click the word to highlight it.  Don’t delete!  Just type over it.  Triple click to highlight the entire paragraph.


  • It’s a Dictionary:  Type “Define (and the word you want defined)” and it will automatically define the word, pronunciation, etc.  You don’t even need to hit the send button!
  • Flight Tracking:  Type “The airline name and flight number.”  It will show the departing time, arrival time, gate number, etc.  Sample:  Alaska Airlines 892 – Enter
  • Unit Conversion:  Type what you want converted.  Works for pounds, kilos, centimeters, miles, inches, dollars, foreign currency, etc.  Sample:  5 kilometers to miles – Enter


  • How to completely loose Shutter Lag. — Don’t miss that action shot!  Half press the shutter button to pre-focus the camera.  Leave finger on the button until you’re ready to take your picture.


  • How to shift focus.  You’re giving a presentation and using PowerPoint (or any slide show).  You want the audience to focus on you and not your slide!  Tap the “B” button to blackout the screen.  Tap the “B” button again to bring your slide back.  Tap the “W” button to whiteout the screen.  Tap the “W” button again to bring your slide back.

We hope these TIME SAVING TIPS help you manage your days just a little bit better!  Let us know what other tech tips you’ve learned and want to share with others!

How Much is it Really Costing You to Replace an Employee?

September 26th, 2013

quitAre you filling the same job you just hired for 6 months ago?  What’s going on?  Your office has been fully staffed for several months now and everything seems to be running smoothly.  Today, one of your employees gave notice because they’ve found employment elsewhere.  Is this normal for you?  Do you find yourself hiring for the same position every few months?  If so, the turnover could be costing you more than you think!

These days most employees last 12-18 months in non-management positions within an organization. 

So where does that leave you?   …Spinning your wheels starting the hiring process yet again, I bet.

What is it really costing you with replace an employee?  The average cost of replacing an employee is 16% of their annual salary.  In dollar terms, an employee who makes $30,000 will cost you approximately $4,800 to replace them.  I bet you didn’t think it would cost that much!

The direct costs of recruiting on your own are fairly simple.  These would include things such as:

  • Print, email, online advertising and job fairs.
  • Credit check, background check and employment verification costs.
  • Human Resource overhead for screening applicants, test administration and interviewing candidates.
  • Additional fees for signing bonuses or relocation costs.
  • Training costs for orientation, classroom training, or certifications and licensing.

Indirect costs can include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Less productivity from staff due to the loss of the exiting employee.
  • Drop in morale with staff who are coping with the vacancy and additional work being delegated.
  • Overtime to compensate for the loss in staff.
  • Lost clientele/loss of business due to lack of staff support to keep up with current workload.
  • Hiring out of desperation to maintain production rather than making a smart hire.

What if you’re replacing 10% of your staff each year?  With a staff of 50 employees who earn individually $30,000, you would spend approximately $24,000 per year to replace 10% of your employees!  OUCH!!!  I don’t know about you, but I could not imagine a company who would not want to reduce expenses by $24,000 a year!

What can you do to reduce employee turnover and retain current staff?

Salary and Benefits:  Don’t fall behind market standards.  Re-evaluate your compensation packages and pay competitively, especially with hard-to-find employees.   Keep in mind, benefits are not only comprised of medical, dental, life insurance, and 401k, they also include bonus potential, paid holidays and vacation days.

Paid Perks:  The list of paid perks can go on and on, but at the top you’ll find things such as company supplied vehicle, tuition reimbursement, professional association memberships, training for licensing or certifications, gym memberships, on-site child care, and company branded clothing for little or no-cost.

Free Perks:   Offering free perks won’t cost you a dime!  Casual dress, flexible work hours, telecommuting options, first chance for lateral moves/promotions, a family-friendly workplace, or the larger office/cubicle with the window don’t require much effort on your part.

Employee Rewards:  Money typically talks when rewarding employees (i.e. bonuses, raises, stock options, etc.), but it doesn’t always have to be done on a large-scale basis.  You can quickly and effectively reward an achievement with something as small as a $5 gift card or donuts for the team who reached a particular goal.  Try recognizing the employee achievement with a heartfelt announcement to the entire department or company.  A simple “thank you” from top executives can boost employee morale.

Be creative in keeping your employees motivated!

Conclusion?  We all know the costs associated with replacing an employee can be significant.  Unfortunately, it is not realistic to think that there is a remedy to completely eliminate employee turnover.  However given the costs, a company should first hire smart (not fast) then motivate employees with positive reinforcement.  Design your retention efforts to boost employee retention and maintain a stable workforce which makes good business sense and cents!

How can SDI Staffing help me with my staffing needs?

August 15th, 2013

branch-managerIf you’ve been running on a skeleton crew just to keep the doors open and staffing is one of your largest expenses, then keeping costs down is a BIG priority!  Now that business is picking up and you’ve received approval to bring on an additional staff, what’s the best route for you to take in finding the right person?

Do you want to run your own ad and find someone yourself?  This of course will save you money…right?  WRONG! 
There’s the cost of advertising, internet posting, your internal recruiter’s time to understand the position requirements, reviewing candidate resumes and experience, prescreening candidates to qualify them for your job opening, scheduling and conducting interviews, preparing candidate assessments, completing reference checks and employment verifications, running drug screens and criminal background checks, making the employment offer to the selected hire, and notifying all other applicants that they weren’t selected for the position.  Of course don’t forget the cost of reduced productivity of a manager who’s now busy with reviewing resumes that aren’t qualified, but applied anyway.

So how can SDI Staffing help?  We’re the experts in staffing for the Insurance, Banking, Mortgage and Financial Services Industries!  We listen to your staffing needs and make every effort to find you quality staff members.  Plus, there’s NO COST TO YOU unless you hire one of our candidates!  We continually recruit professionals in YOUR industry which gives us a pool of pre-qualified candidates who are actively looking for work.  We also advertise your job, recruit and screen new candidates for the specific skill sets you require.  We test their computer and industry knowledge, check references, verify previous employment, and conduct criminal background checks for all temporary placements.  Now who would pass that up?  Hopefully not you!  There has to be one option that can work for you!

  • DIRECT HIRE: You have a job opening.  We present you with the most qualified candidates for consideration.  You choose who you want to interview and you make the hiring decision.  Remember, you only pay a fee if you hire one of our candidates.  Plus, we offer a pro-rated guarantee on direct hires.  If you’re not happy with the placement made by SDI Staffing, we’ll endeavor to replace or refund your service fee if the employee terminates or is terminated for any reason within the 90-day guarantee time period.
  • TEMP-TO-HIRE: You’re looking to hire a long-term employee, but want to make sure your next hire is the right fit for your team.  The temp-to-hire option is like “drive it, before you buy it.”  We present you with qualified candidates for consideration, you select a candidate and we make the job offer to start them on their temp-to-hire assignment.  They’ll be on our payroll, not yours, so we’ll absorb the costs of payroll taxes, workers compensation, unemployment insurance and all the rest of the wonderful employer expenses that come along with hiring a new employee.  If for any reason the person isn’t working out, then you simply contact us and we’ll work on a replacement.  After the 520 hours, you have the option to hire the temporary employee with no additional fees, or you can continue to have them work as a temporary staff member.
  • TEMPORARY:  You have a temporary need: vacation coverage, maternity leave, a special project, a leave of absence, or just extra staff needed during a peak period. You contact us and let us know what you need and we fill the position.  It may be for a day, week, month or until further notice.  We’ll continue the temporary assignment until you tell us otherwise.  And if your needs change and the temporary employee has met the 520 hour contract, you can hire them without any additional fees.
  • PAYROLLING:  You’ve already recruited your own candidate to fill your job opening, but don’t want to bring them on board as a regular employee.  Just contact us and we’ll be the employer of record and will run your candidate’s payroll through SDI Staffing at a reduced fee to you.  Payrolling is used by some of our clients for their new hires during their first 90 days on the job.  It’s a payroll convenience for you!  And if for some reason the person isn’t working out, you can call us to release them from their position.  It’s also good to payroll someone if you have a special project and have a specific person to fill the position.

What are the benefits of having SDI Staffing provide you with Temp-to-Hire, Temporary or Payrolling staff members?  Well, we provide the employee with a weekly paycheck.  We take care of their payroll taxes and W-2’s.  The employees are covered under our Workers’ Comp, General Liability and Unemployment Insurance.  We conduct criminal background checks, verify previous employment, test their computer skills and industry knowledge for you.  So don’t wait on contacting us to fill your current job opening!  Phone us at 1-888-528-8367 or submit your job order online today at http://www.sdistaffing.com/employers/place-a-job-order/.

*************LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT OFFER*************

  • Temporary & Temp-to-Hire Placement 1 FREE DAY for a 2 week assignment!  This offer is valid for new assignments starting between now and 09/30/2013.  Eligible assignments will be full-time hours, for at least 10 work days (2 weeks). Free day cannot exceed 8 hours (overtime excluded). Offer good on one new temporary or temp-to-hire placement per client.
  • Direct Hire:  $250 OFF our standard hiring fee.  Offer good on all new direct hire placements between now and 09/30/2013.

Contact SDI Staffing at 1-888-528-8367 to place your job order today!

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