How Do You Select a Staffing Agency that is Right For Your Company?

Niche Market - Bow and Arrow Aimed at Bulls EyeDID YOU KNOW…

  • 13 million people are employed by staffing agencies each year
  • Staffing Agencies have provided 750,000 new jobs to the U.S. Economy since the recession
  • More than 1/3 of U.S. Companies used a staffing agency in the past year

Use a Staffing Agency that Specializes in Your Industry
When it comes to specialized recruiting, there are significant advantages to working with a staffing agency which specializes in your industry.   Firms that focus on a specific niche or industry have better contacts, stronger relationships and more powerful networks than generalists who must spread their resources over much broader territory.

Niche firms don’t need time to ramp up; they are already imbedded in your marketplace.  You can expect them to be well-versed in the lingo, job requirements and hiring issues for your job opening even before they go to work for you.

Hire from a Very Limited Talent Pool
A niche hiring professional is also indispensable when hiring for a position that requires a unique mix of skills.  Identifying candidates with an unusual mix of skills is especially challenging because resumes rarely offer a comprehensive summarization and categorization of skills and experience.  Recruiters must uncover information that is not always apparent on the surface of a resume.

A niche staffing professional is able to read between the lines and make unexpected connections because of their depth of knowledge about a given market and job functions coupled with detailed knowledge of their candidate network. They are generally more up-to-date regarding candidates’ specialty skills, personnel movement within an industry, and on market drivers that affect personnel in their niche market.  Thus, a niche staffing professional has access and understands your need to hire from a very limited talent pool.

Specialization Saves Time and Money
Time-constrained managers simply don’t have capacity to work with a staffing agency that lacks the depth of knowledge or the contacts needed to fill a highly specific job opening.  Those who choose to work with a niche staffing agency will realize efficiencies throughout the search and hiring process.

Questions to Ask a Staffing Agency

  • What industries does your staffing agency serve?
  • What geographic area does your staffing agency serve?
  • How long has your staffing agency been in existence?
  • Can you provide testimonials from clients and employees?
  • Do you fill management and non-management positions?
  • Do you fill temporary and direct hire openings?
  • What is the expertise of your Recruiters?
  • How long have your Recruiters been working in the staffing industry?
  • Have the Recruiters ever worked in your industry, i.e., insurance, banking, financial services?
  • What is your recruitment process?
  • What type of background and reference checking are done on the candidates?
  • What type of follow-up is done on placed employees (temporary and direct hires)?
  • What is the cost to fill the specific position you have open?
  • What is the replacement guarantee?
  • Do you have a Client Agreement to review and approve?

It makes good business sense to rely on an expert who has the most robust network for your industry and the insights to know what drives successful hiring for your job opening.

When you or others in your company have a position to fill, remember that the industry experts at SDI Staffing offer specialized knowledge and capabilities for the Insurance, Banking and Financial Services industries throughout California that is not easily replicated.

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