CAIIA Education Series … June – July 2014 Providing Education & Recertification Services

caiia_lowresThe California Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters (CAIIA) announced their 2014 Education Series presented by top insurance and forensic professionals.  The following classes will be held at various locations in California between June 4th – July 10th.

  • Seminar for the Evaluation of Earthquake Damage (SEED) – This recertification is required every 3 years if you will be handling, supervising, or involved in the processing of earthquake claims in California (Insurance Code 10089.3).
  • California Fair Claims Settlement Practices regulations – This recertification is required every year (Insurance Code 790.03(h)).
  • SIU Regulations – This recertification is required every year (California Code of regulations 2698.30).

Every location listed includes the Fair Claims and SIU Recertification offerings.  The SEED locations include all offerings.  In other words, if you just need the Fair Claims and SIU, you can also select the SEED location.  Just be aware you start at the earlier time of 8 AM.  Alternatively, you can attend the non-SEED locations and get a later start time of 10 AM.  Your choice. If you do not, or do not expect to oversee Earthquake claims as an adjuster, please consider the Fair Claims Settlement / SIU recertification only.  For additional information, go to

To signup, CLICK HERE for the registration form providing locations and times of the programs.



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