FREE Job Seeker Training Webinars: September 2016

webinarHow to Write a Resume | CV at Every Stage of Your Career: Tips For Entry-Level and C-Level Professionals
Tuesday, September 13th @ 8:00 am PST

This webinar will discuss tips and strategies for writing your resume| CV, no matter if you are an entry-level, mid-level or advanced-level professional. You will be offered the opportunity to figure out what your current resume| CV is missing, and learn how to improve it.

webinarShifting for Success in your Job Search
Thursday, September 22nd @ 11:00 am PST

If you want success, whether it’s a job offer or another goal, you must put your focus, attention, energy, and time on achieving your goals. I often hear people say, it’s too hard, too frustrating, too overwhelming, or they have a feeling “I can’t do it” These are common feelings that require a shift in thinking, because until you do, you’re giving all of your power away. Instead of being over-powered by resistance and negative thinking, we can learn how to raise our awareness, focus on the results we want, make clear decisions and empower ourselves! Each and every one of us can take our power back. We simply need the tools and the determination that get results.

webinarGatekeepers – Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy?
Thursday, September 27th @ 12:00 pm PST

Never underestimate the knowledge of gatekeepers. They know the schedules of hiring authorities, their interests, responsibilities and preferences. During this session we will address how to align yourself with gatekeepers; what actions can you take if you are screened out; and how to obtain information to progress your search.

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