Unemployment Insurance: Quitting/Firing, Not Automatic Disqualification

Unemployment Insurance: Quitting/Firing, Not Automatic Disqualification Why do my employees always win their unemployment insurance claims against me, even when they were the ones who quit or when I fire them for poor performance that is clearly documented? CLICK HERE for to read the rest of this article by Ellen Savage, HR Adviser. Labor Law… Read More »

I have to let my employee take off of work for what?!

A brief reminder of California’s small necessities leave laws. We all know California is a pretty employee-friendly state. Employers are regularly and rightfully bewildered when it comes to knowing the ins-and-outs of California’s laws, especially when it comes to some of the more obscure requirements allowing them to miss work. Well, we’re here to help…… Read More »

Employers: we’ve posted new candidate profiles online!

Job seekers search for jobs online, just as EMPLOYERS can SEARCH for CANDIDATES online at http://www.sdistaffing.com/employers/candidate. Our Candidate Search page offers confidential job seeker profiles for employers to review. Just go to http://www.sdistaffing.com/employers/candidate/ and let us know which candidate you’d like to meet with!… Read More »

These Days, Recruiters Are Worth the Money

When it comes to sourcing the right interview candidates, I’ve never been keen to use recruiters. But I recently changed my mind. My company, Metal Mafia, has an excellent candidate screening process, a super training program, and a very successful team of employees to show for it. But hiring has always been a difficult task… Read More »

Agency Compensation: Who’s Worth What in Your Independent Agency?

Article by Andrea Wells, Insurance Journal, March 20, 2013 From top level managers to office and support staff — every person in an agency has a role to play in helping the agency win in the sales game. When one person fails, the whole agency suffers. And when an agency suffers, so does employee compensation.… Read More »