Labor Commissioner Fines Contractor for Wage Theft of Subcontractor – Calchamber Alert For the first time, the Labor Commissioner has held a general contractor responsible for wage theft by its subcontractor by issuing citations under AB 1897 (Section 2810.3 of the Labor Code), which took effect on January 1, 2015. The Labor… CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE … Read More »

Employment Contracts with California Employees Require California Law – Lexology

Beginning January 1, 2017, employers may not require a California employee to agree to litigate claims in a state other than California or to apply the law of another state to disputes that arose in California. These new restrictions pose particular problems for companies headquartered outside of California who employ workers in California. CLICK HERE… Read More »

CA Employers Must Provide Written Notice of Right to Take Domestic Violence Leave – Lexology

On September 14, 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 2377 into law which expands the employer notice requirements regarding domestic violence… Click for FULL ARTICLE Source:… Read More »

Which States Will Raise Minimum Wage in 2016?

HR Compliance Expert (11/23/2015) Liza Casabona Effective Jan. 1, the minimum wage will increase in a number of states and California is included in that list.  Be sure to review your employee wages before the start of the New Year to include exempt and non-exempt employees. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE… Read More »

Governor Signs CalChamber-Supported Gender Equity Pay Bill

A California Chamber of Commerce-supported bill that seeks to eliminate pay disparity based on gender was signed by Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. yesterday. SB 358 (Jackson; D-Santa Barbara) which received overwhelming support in both houses as it moved through the legislature, will ensure that women are paid equally for work that is substantially similar… Read More »

IRS closes ACA minimum value health plan loophole

The Internal Revenue Service, in a surprise move Tuesday, said it will not qualify employer-sponsored health plans that fail to cover inpatient hospitalization as meeting the minimum value health plan standard under the Affordable Care Act.  See how this could affect you or your employer clients. To read the complete article, CLICK HERE.… Read More »

CalChamber Releases List of New Employment Laws Affecting Businesses in 2014

The California Chamber of Commerce released a list of new employment laws scheduled to take effect in 2014 (or earlier) that will have an impact on businesses in California.  The new laws will change areas such as: * Wage & Hour * Discrimination & Retaliation Protections * Driver’s License for Undocumented Immigrants * Leave &… Read More »

A Multi-Million Dollar Lesson About Violating Non-Compete Agreements  By Gregory D. Hanscom A recent ruling entered in Pennsylvania state court is a stark reminder to employers and employees about the dangers associated with violating post-employment….CLICK HERE to read the complete article.… Read More »