I have to let my employee take off of work for what?!

A brief reminder of California’s small necessities leave laws. We all know California is a pretty employee-friendly state. Employers are regularly and rightfully bewildered when it comes to knowing the ins-and-outs of California’s laws, especially when it comes to some of the more obscure requirements allowing them to miss work. Well, we’re here to help…… Read More »

USCIS Revises Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9

03/08/13 – WASHINGTON – U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) today published a revised Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 for use. All employers are required to complete a Form I-9 for each employee hired in the United States.   Improvements to Form I-9 include new fields, reformatting to reduce errors, and clearer instructions to both… Read More »

Cities That Will See the Highest Pay Raises Next Year

Cities That Will See the Highest Pay Raises Next Year By Chad Brooks, BusinessNewsDaily Contributor, August 15, 2012, BusinessNewsDaily  Workers in Denver will see the largest raises next year, according to a new study.  Research by human resources firm Aon Hewitt revealed that employees in Colorado’s capital can expect salary increases of 3.6 percent in… Read More »

Employers: I-9 for Employment Eligiblity Verification

Continue to Use the Current Form I-9 for Employment Eligibility Verification Until further notice, employers should continue using the Form I-9 currently available on the forms section of http://www.uscis.gov. This form should continue to be used even after the OMB control number expiration date of August 31, 2012 has passed. USCIS will provide updated information… Read More »

The Dos and Don’ts of Managing Contingent Workers

The Dos and Don’ts of Managing Contingent Workers Posted by IES on August 15th, 2012 With lean economic times continuing to take a toll on the workforce, the number of people hired as contingent employees – contractors, temporary personnel, short-term engagement professionals and project-based workers – continues to rise. In fact, according to recent news… Read More »

These Bills Would Kill Even More California Jobs

These Bills Would Kill Even More California Jobs California’s official unemployment rate in June was 10.7 percent, third highest in the country. It’s been in double digits for 42 straight months. When those who have stopped looking for work or are underemployed are included, California’s real unemployment rate skyrockets to 20.3 percent.  To view the entire… Read More »

Commission Agreements Must Be in Writing By January 1, 2013!

Effective January 1, 2013, AB 1396 requires ALL California employers to use written commission agreements that set forth the method by which commissions are computed and paid. In addition, employees are entitled to receive a signed copy of the agreement and must provide employers with a signed acknowledgment of receipt. Thus, all California employers who… Read More »

New Statewide Commercial Recycling Law Goes Into Effect July 1, 2012

May 22, 2012 – All California businesses that generate four cubic yards or more of solid waste per week, and multifamily residential dwellings with five or more units, are required to start recycling by July 1, according to a new state law passed last year. Cities are also obligated to start implementing “education, outreach and… Read More »

The Lunch Police (aka CA employers) have been called off the beat, thanks to a landmark CA Supreme Court decision.

In April 2012, the CA Supreme Court issued a landmark decision in the Brinker v. Superior Court in favor of employers that they ‘Need Not Ensure That No Work Is Done’ on meal breaks. Now what? Learn everything you need to know about meal and rest periods by registering for this FREE Webinar. Topics to… Read More »