Agencies Looking for New Talent Have Their Work Cut Out for Them

  Newsflash to insurance agency owners seeking to onboard new employees: Expect to have to pay more, offer more and train more. Those trying to hire probably already know that. CLICK HERE to read the complete article from the Insurance Journal.… Read More »

War for Top Talent Prompts US Businesses to Take Action

SunTrust: War for Top Talent Prompts U.S. Businesses to Take Action Annual business survey shows 93% of surveyed businesses boosting financial, other perks to retain valuable employees.  Companies are becoming more employee-focused as the talent war continues and the unemployment rate remains at an all-time low. Is your company competitive?  CLICK HERE to continue reading… Read More »

Do You Have To Let Your Employees Work From Home?

  “Do I have to let my employees work from home?” With technological advances and with market demand for flexible work arrangements constantly increasing, the question comes up all of the time.  Generally speaking, the answer is no. Some positions just don’t translate to working remotely.  CLICK HERE to read the complete article by Smith… Read More »

Extending a Reasonable Accommodation Requires Interactive Process – HRWatchdog

As employers, we’re responsible for reasonably accommodating employees with disabilities.  The recent article posted by is a reminder that an accommodation for an employee with a disability does not necessarily expire at the conclusion of the time period listed on a doctor’s note. Read the complete article at… Read More »

Job Seekers Are Now in the Driver’s Seat and Expect Next-Gen Recruiting and New Hire Experiences, Survey Finds

  Low unemployment and high demand for talent is feeding a recruiting environment where job seekers and new employees are in control.   Today, Careerbuilder and Silkroad released the results of a new…CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING.  … Read More »

SDI Staffing was presented the Recognition of Service Award!

SDI Staffin’gs Julie Brown was nominated by the Office Professional Training Program of Grossmont College and awarded the Recognition of Service Award for 20+ years of dedication to the program.  The ceremony was held by Grossmont’s Career Technical Education & Workforce Development program.… Read More »

IIAB San Diego’s 2018 I-Day

We attended IIAB San Diego‘s I-Day and had a great time!  Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth.  Below are a few photos from the day.  To see all our photos, go to our Facebook page at #sdistaffing #idaysd2018 #iiabsandiego… Read More »

Pay will rise soon for 50,000 Wells Fargo workers, CEO says

Wells Fargo plans to raise the pay for some of its lower-paid workers next month, in a move that would boost compensation for about 50,000 employees, CEO Tim Sloan told the Observer. To read the complete article go to… Read More »