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webinarNegotiate Better Than Your Competition
March 28th @ 11:00 am EST (8:00 am PST)
Throughout your job search, you will find yourself in a position to negotiate. Often it’s the job seeker who negotiates the most effectively who wins. This session will address:

  • How to effectively negotiate
  • When you need to negotiate in the job search process
  • The three top negotiating mistakes plus solutions!


webinarYour Resume: A How-to Presentation on What to Do, What Not to Do and Tips on Using Social Media in Your Job Search
April 4th @ 12:00 pm EST (9:00 am PST)
In this webinar presentation, we will explore resume fact and fiction and help you understand and identify the components of your resume that are getting the job done, what is missing and what needs to be improved. Additionally, actively employing social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will be discussed as job search trends require candidates to be showcasing their skills proficiently and effectively on these new and emerging platforms.


webinarDon’t Interview – Audition!
April 9th @ 4:00 pm EST (1:00 pm PST)
If you expect a hiring authority to hire you, it is important that they envision you in the job. During this Webinar we will address:

  • Help the employer envision you in the opportunity they have available
  • Don’t fact find – audition
  • Ask the best questions


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