Beware of New Unemployment Insurance Scams

As we’re all trying to keep our families and workers safe and ensure our businesses are compliant with safety precautions, we now have to deal with a new threat…Unemployment Insurance Scams. Click here to read the complete article by HR Watchdog by CalChamber.… Read More »

Payrolling Service to Help Get Your Business Cut Costs through COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, businesses are strained and trying to cut costs. We know keeping your employees is crucial to keeping your business going.  But with the cost of benefits, taxes and all other employee expenses this may not be easily done. If you need to keep your core staff on hand, but want to cut… Read More »

We’re celebrating 25 years in business!

A message from our President, Julie Brown… 25 years ago, I had the idea of doing temp work, specifically temping myself out to agencies and brokerages that could use my insurance experience.  I shared the idea with my mother-in-law and she encouraged me not to just send myself out as a temp, but to own… Read More »

Hiring the Right Talent Plays a Huge Role for Agency Growth

Are you having difficulty finding qualified candidates to add to your team?  Do you know what sets your agency apart from your competitors?  Do you feel you’ve exhausted all your efforts? Do you need an industry expert to help answer questions and guide you to finding your next hire?  If you answered YES to any… Read More »

That Newsom proposal for six-month paid family leave? It’s bold—but less so than it seems.

Californians who like the idea of getting more paid time off work to care for a new baby may find good news and bad news in the details of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposed budget. CLICK HERE to read the complete article by Cal Matters.… Read More »

Harassment Training Deadline Extended, Clarified

Confused on the latest regulations for Harassment Training for your employees?  Go to for more details and clarification. #harassmenttraining #sb778 #DFEH #compliance #training #sdistaffing        … Read More »

Two ‘Magical Questions’ to Help Prevent Service Animal Fraud

Service animals play an important role in many peoples lives.  However, the growing trend is service animal fraud.  Businesses are legally able to ask two questions. CLICK HERE to read CalChamber’s HR Watchdog’s article to find out what you can ask.  … Read More »

Agencies Looking for New Talent Have Their Work Cut Out for Them

  Newsflash to insurance agency owners seeking to onboard new employees: Expect to have to pay more, offer more and train more. Those trying to hire probably already know that. CLICK HERE to read the complete article from the Insurance Journal.… Read More »

War for Top Talent Prompts US Businesses to Take Action

SunTrust: War for Top Talent Prompts U.S. Businesses to Take Action Annual business survey shows 93% of surveyed businesses boosting financial, other perks to retain valuable employees.  Companies are becoming more employee-focused as the talent war continues and the unemployment rate remains at an all-time low. Is your company competitive?  CLICK HERE to continue reading… Read More »

Do You Have To Let Your Employees Work From Home?

  “Do I have to let my employees work from home?” With technological advances and with market demand for flexible work arrangements constantly increasing, the question comes up all of the time.  Generally speaking, the answer is no. Some positions just don’t translate to working remotely.  CLICK HERE to read the complete article by Smith… Read More »